Coffee plus Shakti Shots™ is the really healthy way to enjoy it.

Shakti Shots™ can be purchased wholesale:

Shakti Shots

CO2 extracts of clove, cardamom, cassia (cinnamon), star anise,
glycerin-based extract of almond, rosemary CO2 extract.

A 30ml (1oz) bottle makes approx. 150 cups of coffee

We are always open to hear from anyone who wishes to wholesale Shakti Shots™.

Whether you have a retail outlet, club, fitness or yoga club, online store, health store or major retail outlet - Shakti Shots™ can help you serve your business and clients with the must have healthy solution and antidote to coffee's attraction.

Real coffee is the real thing and where people are drinking decaffeinated or substitutes for their love of original coffee, Shakti Shots can alleviate the problems associated with coffee drinking without taking any pleasure or natural 'hit' obtained.

the perfect solution for health, happiness and enjoyment of the world's alleged finest drink. And do not forget, it works in any other hot drink environment to great effect.

So contact us below and let's get talking over our favourite beverages!!


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Easy To Use

Easy To Carry

Pennies a Shot

Tastes Delicious

Vegan and Organic

Really Healthy